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Call For Papers

Since kicking off on the campus of Georgetown University Law Center in 2017, Washington DC’s Fintech Week has grown into one of the world’s top fintech policy conferences. And in its growth, we’ve tried our best to preserve a simple objective: to democratize information and allow everyone—from nonprofits and technologists to entrepreneurs and regulators—to experience and even participate in a meaningful dialogue, at the highest levels, on fintech and the future of finance. 

In that spirit, we welcome submissions of 10,000 words or less from academics as well as experts from the government, non-profits, and industry that significantly advance academic and policy understandings of one of the three main conference themes.  Three papers will be chosen for our programming, and author segments will be filmed in state of the art studios for our audience on Day Two of the conference.  Some high quality submissions may also be shared on the conference website, or made available to, and highlighted for the thousands of regulators, technologists and thought leaders in the DC Fintech Week community. 

We have always had a particular interest in fintech applications and financial inclusion, though we are open to any area of thoughtful research concerning fintech.  Possible agenda/paper topics include, but are not limited to:
•    Financial inclusion and crypto/De-Fi
•    The Community Reinvestment Act in a Digital Economy
•    Central Bank Digital Currencies
•    Smart Contracts and Financial Inclusion
•    New applications for Alternative Data
•    Portfolio diversification and emerging assets
•    De-Risking, and Pricing, Crypto
•    MDIs, CDFIs and the Digital Economy
•    New approaches to disclosure, financial literacy and investing 

We have a preference for short pieces most able to be digested by a broad audience and that introduce novel or meaningful ideas in helpful ways. Please submit your papers to dcfintechweekpapers@gmail.com. 

The deadline for submitting a paper is September 1, 2022.  Papers should be unpublished or published in no more than the last year.

DC Fintech Week 2022
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