DC Fintech Week

Wednesday, April 15, 11 a.m. (EST)

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Viewers can submit questions in advance to Chris Brummer @ChrisbrummerDr or using #Fintech4smallbiz.

How are Small Businesses navigating COVID-19 and federal assistance? What are “the last mile” problems in disbursing government funds to the sector? How can financial technology help small businesses and unemployed workers during the crisis—and once the pandemic subsides?

With so much confusion reigning in the efforts to provide small business financing, Georgetown Law’s Institute of International Economic Law, Georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy, and CQ Roll Call will be hosting a live streamed virtual town hall with experts and representatives from the business community to brainstorm ideas as to how fintech might help assist in an economic reboot.

Chris Brummer, Professor, Georgetown Law; Faculty Director, Institute of International Economic Law; Host, Fintech Beat Podcast and Founder, DC Fintech Week
Daniel Gorfine, Founder, Gattaca Horizons LLC; Former Director, LabCFTC; Visiting Professor of Law and Technology, IIEL 

Small Business Perspectives
Todd McCracken, President, National Small Business Association (NSBA)
Ann Marie Mehlum, Senior Advisor, FS Vector; Former Associate Administrator of Capital Access, Small Business Administration (SBA)
Julie Stitzel, Vice President, Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Fintech Perspectives
Usman Ahmed, Global Head of Policy, Paypal
Melissa Koide, CEO, FinRegLab

Brayden McCarthy, Stripe Capital
John Pitts, Policy Lead, Plaid
Sam Taussig, Head of Policy, Kabbage

This Town Hall is the first in a series of online events planned as a lead up to Washington DC’s 4th Annual Fintech Week (October 19-22), a leading fintech policy conference in the United States.  

Viewers can submit questions in advance to Chris Brummer @ChrisbrummerDr or using #Fintech4smallbiz.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via Lawiiel@georgetown.edu.


The Institute of International Economic Law (IIEL)
Georgetown Law 

This event is hosted in close collaboration with:

Institute of International Economic Law 
Georgetown University Law Center
600 New Jersey Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20001

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