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Event Dates:

October 21-24, 2024

Become a Sponsor of DC Fintech Week and Democratize the Conversation on Innovation

The Eighth Annual DC Fintech Week 2024 is set to be held from October 21-24 in the heart of Washington, D.C. This year, we continue our mission to democratize the dialogue around fintech and the future of finance, inviting you to be a part of a pivotal global conversation. 

DC Fintech Week is more than just a conference; it’s a standard setting dialogue and that sets the tone in Washington-a unique confluence of ideas, innovation and influencers. Here, top financial regulators engage with leading digital infrastructure providers, CEOs, academics, founders, intelligence professionals and startups. And every year, with the help of our sponsors, we bring a global public to forum and its ideas, for free.

As a sponsor of DC Fintech Week 2024, you’ll align your brand with a prestigious, publicly- minded event that’s recognized for bringing together the leaders in the space in ways no other conference can. Your involvement will place you at the forefront of an event that last year garnered international media coverage, highlighting its impact and reach. And you’ll get to network with the decision-makers who make fintech happen. Be a part of this transformative event and help shape the conversation about the future of fintech.

Covered By the Nation's Financial Media

The DC Fintech Audience

  • The only conference gathering industry leaders, staff across financial agencies, Congress, and thought leaders
  • Major networks (CNBC, C-Span, Bloomberg TV) broadcast live, and dozens of media organizations in attendance
  • Heads of SEC, CFTC, OCC and Federal Reserve Vice Chair for Supervision spoke, among heads of international agencies in 2023 alone
  • Over 800 people waitlisted on multiple days
  • Past industry speakers include CEOs of Stripe, Ripple, Circle, Fannie Mae, PayPal and many more
  • 6 Academic Submission Awardees

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